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Sister site Featureworld managed to secure a TV deal with ITV’s This Morning for interviewees Sasha Haq, Natasha and Nicky Dodds to appear and talk about the issues they’ve faced since Natasha’s best friend Sasha, 39, ran off with her Son, Nicky, 18.

Natasha Dodd ITV This MorningThe trio had already appeared in the Sunday Mirror and were thrilled to have an offer from the popular TV programme asking them if they wanted to tell their story on national television.

The family travelled down from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on Tuesday and stayed in an all expenses paid hotel in London for the night where they had time to relax before being chauffeured from their hotel to the TV studios the next morning.

Sasha Haq - ITV This MorningOn Wednesday morning they appeared with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford talking about how it all unfolded.

Natasha’s best friend, Sasha, stayed at her house following the break up of Sasha’s previous relationship. This is where Sasha met Natasha’s Son, Nicky and their relationship began. They told Natasha of their feelings towards each other and a row broke out.

Almost a whole year went by with the three of them not even speaking. It was only until Natasha was told that the couple were expecting a child that things changed. The more Natasha thought about it, the more she realised that there was nothing she could do – and this would be her first grandchild.

Nicky Dodd - ITV This MorningShe decided to text her Son and ask him how they both were.

Incredibly, she’d texted just as Sasha was about to give birth and so Natasha hurried to the hospital to be there for the birth of her first grandchild – Carlton.

All the family – including little Carlton – appeared on the sofa as a perfect symbol of family unity.

Natasha said: “It has been a fantastic experience, a very special day and a once in a lifetime opportunity. And everyone on This Morning was absolutely lovely.”

As well as the Sunday Mirror and ITV’s This Morning, Featureworld has also secured deals with TWO other magazines for the family’s heartwarming story!

You can read more about this story here: My best friend ran off with my Son…

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