My best friend ran off with my son... story in the Sunday Mirror

My son ran off with my best friend…!

Natasha Dodds’ story about how her best friend Sasha Haq, 40, and her son, Nicky, 20 fell in love – and now have a baby together – appears in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper… My best friend ran off with my son - Sunday Mirror

When Natasha’s best friend Sasha, then 39, fell in love with her son, Nicky, then 18, she was devastated.

In fact, mum of three Natasha, 47, was so disgusted and upset, that after a series of blazing rows, she cut off all contact with both Sasha and Nicky.

And when she heard the couple were expecting a baby together, she was even more horrified.
But as she thought about it more, she realised there was nothing she could do – and also that this was her first grandchild. So she decided to text her son and ask how they both were.

Incredibly, she’d texted as Sasha was in hospital about to give birth to her baby – and son Nicky couldn’t have been more delighted to hear from her. He told her to get to the hospital as soon as possible and she arrived just as Sasha had given birth to little Carlton.

It was a very emotional moment as neither had seen one another for over a year and they fell into one another’s arms.

Carlton, now five months, is the apple of Natasha’s eye. She now also realises Sasha and Nicky, who plan to marry next year, love one another and there is nothing as a mum she can do except be happy for them. She didn’t want either of them to not be in her life. And in fact her son and friend Sasha also felt it was important that Natasha was in their lives as well.

But in fact it has turned out to be fantastic as she and Sasha are closer friends than ever – and Nicky might still be only aged 20, but he is the happiest she has ever seen him.

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