Abigail Barragry goes on TV

Interviewee appears on ITV Daybreak and Channel 5 News…

Abigail Barragry, whose story appeared in the SUNDAY PEOPLE and on the DAILY MAIL website appears on TV

Abigail Barragry goes on TV
Abigail on ITV Daybreak

Featureworld interviewee Abigail Barragry’s life has been incredibly busy since her story – she fell 100ft from a balcony but incredibly survived – appeared on the front page of the Sunday People newspaper and on the Daily Mail website at the weekend.

Last night – and after doing filming for CHANNEL 5 NEWS – Abigail was whisked to London to appear on ITV DAYBREAK.

Abigail Barragry - ITV Daybreak
Abigail was accompanied by mum Pamela and boyfriend James

She was accompanied by mum Pamela, who has been at her daughter’s side since her accident in Kuala Lumpur on New Year’s Day 2011, and her boyfriend James Coupe. Incredibly, were it not for her fall, Abigail and James might never have met as she wouldn’t have come back to England.

You can read more about Abigail’s story here: I fell 100ft from a balcony and survived…

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