Abigail Barragry, Sunday People story

My miracle recovery after falling over 100ft from a balcony…

Inspirational story over two pages in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper… Abigail Barragry fell 100ft from a balcony

When Abigail Barragry, 30, fell over 100ft from an apartment balcony in Kualar Lumpur, where she was working, she believed her life was over. It was a silly slip – she’d been partying on the balcony went outside to get some air. But in her high heels she lost her footing – and the next thing she knew she was hanging off the balcony.

Incredibly, she watched in slow motion as her hands slipped and she felt herself fall. Fortunately, because her fall was cushioned by falling on grass, she survived. But she broke virtually every bone in her body and spent four months in a Malaysian hospital before being transferred back to the UK. There, she needed further treatment. Bones were pinned and she spent months with metal casing around limbs as they healed. She was told she might never walk properly again and as her wrist was so badly injured she might not be able to write again.

But incredibly Abigail forced herself to get well and now walks with a crutch. Nevertheless, her healing was speeded up after she fell in love. She never thought anyone would fancy her as she has many scars, but then she met James through friends. In fact, had this tragedy not happened, she might never have met him – and he is her soul mate. Abigail Barragry story - Sunday People

Her dad was forced to shell out £40K to save his daughter’s life as she didn’t have any insurance.

Going through such a nightmare has also had an unexpected bonus that she appreciates life more than ever. She will never be the same person she was before the fall and will always bear the scars but she is now looking forward to a future she didn’t think she’d ever have.

Abigail’s amazing real life ‘triumph over tragedy’ story was placed in a newspaper by our sister site,Featureworld and was printed with a selection of fantastic photos from Abigail’s own photos album. Abigail Barragry, Sunday People story

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