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How to improve your blog ranking in Google…

Search Engine Optimisation is vital to bloggers, especially as blogging has so much financial potential – after all, the higher your rank in Google then the higher the number of views your site will generate. Here Sarah Atkinson of Silverbean SEO digital marketing agency reveals 5 key tips to budding bloggers who require that high Google rank to identify trustworthy SEO companies…

With a blog pumped up for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you can make money whilst you sleep. However, the reality is it´s becoming harder for non-SEO-savvy bloggers to make money for their online efforts. There are of course plenty of SEO PR companies offering their services. The problem is not all of them are effective. So how do you recognize an SEO company that is likely to improve your blog ranking?

Tips For Bloggers - SEO SilverbeanSEO promises

Be wary of any SEO company that guarantees you a #1 ranking. Google algorithms change all the time and nobody can predict or guarantee you a search engine ranking. The best they can do is gear your site to ensure you are awarded ranking points on a regular basis which secures you a top ten rank.

Keywords of mouth

Despite all this modern online marketing lark, the old fashioned way is the best when it comes to choosing SEO PR services – a recommendation from a friend. Good SEO companies let the keywords do the talking to search engine robots – not you!

Ask for SEO evidence

Once you have made contact with a company you want to be assured they are capable of delivering. The best way to do that is to ask them to provide evidence of websites they have optimized. If they have a proven track record they will be more than happy to show off their successes. If they declare client confidentiality, consider this as a nasty whiff in the country air.

Tips For Bloggers - SEO SilverbeanDo they have a blog page?

Bloggers know that regular web content helps your search engine rankings – therefore it stands to reason then that an SEO company will have a blog which parts their words of SEO wisdom.

Do they provide high-quality content?
If there is one thing that search engines care about the most is quality content. At the end of the day Google and Yahoo! et al are offering a service as much as the next business. Therefore it is in their interests to deliver a quality service, and they can only do that if they deliver web sites that are useful to the search engine user.
Keywords play a major role in indexing your blogsite. But all that means it is in Google’s filing cabinet. The next step is to get your site a good search engine ranking score – which is best achieved by people visiting your site on a regular basis and coming back to it. Therefore content is key – in particularly quality content that is engaging and compels readers to return to your site.

Written by: Silverbean

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