Malissa Jones pregnant again - story in Closer

Malissa Jones – new story appears in Closer magazine…

Malissa Jones – she was once Britain’s fattest teen and then became anorexic – has a new story published over two pages of glossy weekly mag, CLOSER this week.

Malissa Jones pregnant again - story in Closer
Malissa's story ...

She also had some exciting news to reveal to Closer – which is after all the heartache last year when she lost her baby late in pregnancy, she is again expecting. Malissa and long-term boyfriend Chris are also engaged and about to be married!

Since Malissa first emailed sister site Featureworld in 2009 to sell the initial story of her astonishing weight loss following gastric bypass surgery, her story has literally been sold all of the world.

Not only has it appeared in many newspapers, magazines and on TV in the UK, but her story has been featured on television around the globe from Germany to the States – and her story continues to sell.

Pregnant again - second page, Closer
... went over two pages...

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We all wish Malissa the very best with her new pregnancy and are looking forward to bringing readers who follow her story news of her wedding!

As well as CLOSER mag, Malissa’s story also appears over two pages in the summer special THAT’S LIFE magazine. See it in That’s Life here.

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