Nobody Cared by Terrie O'Brian

Interviewee has book published…

We are delighted that Featureworld interviewee Terrie O’Brian is about to have her first book published.

Nobody Cared by Terrie O'Brian
Terrie as she is now...

Nobody Cared by Terrie O’Brian will be published on July 5th by PanMacMillan Books.

In 2010 Terrie emailed sell your story website Featureworld with her shocking story.

She was just 12 years old when she was raped by the babysitter and got pregnant. She had already left home and was in the care of social services. She had an abortion but the abuse continued and aged 13 she gave birth to a little girl, who was adopted. If this wasn’t terrible enough, she was still pestered by the babysitter and despite asking for help from social services to protect her, none was forthcoming. It was only aged 16 she eventually found the courage to go to the Police and take her abuser to court.

Incredibly, Terrie, who is now happily married with children, also sued social services for not protecting her.

Sister site Featureworld sold Terrie’s extraordinary story to the Sunday People newspaper where it went over two pages. Her story later appeared in women’s magazines. Nobody Cared - real life story becomes a book

Because of Featureworld, her story was picked up by a literary agent and the rest as they say is history…

Her story will now be appearing in a variety of publications again as her book is published. We are absolutely thrilled for Terrie and wish her lots of book sales!

See how Terrie’s original story appeared in women’s magazine Pick Me Up.

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