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Sister site Featureworld has two great stories in publications this week.


First up is Anna Furniss’ story – and this story had already appeared in CLOSER magazine and Anna and daughter Emily were so happy with it, they asked if it could be sold again. Weight loss story in The Sun It has now appeared over two pages in THE SUN newspaper.

Mum Anna has lost 19st after having an unusual gastric weight loss operation known as a duodenal switch. And now she wants daughter Emily, 17, who is overweight, to undergo the surgery so they can both be slim. Anna and Emily appeared in the Woman section of the Sun newspaper and tell us they were both delighted with the way their story was written!

Read this story in The Sun

Read Anna’s story in Closer mag.


Meanwhile, we have lost count of the number of times Malissa’s real life story has been sold as we have been selling her story for her since 2009!

Malissa Jones
Malissa in That's Life mag...
But this week an update appears over two pages in THAT’S LIFE magazine.

Malissa was once Britain’s fattest teen. But following a gastric bypass she lost so much weight she became anorexic and this time last year, she was given just six months to live. Fortunately Malissa is managing to pull her life around and this new story looks fabulous in the magazine.

Incredibly, we have since sold Malissa’s story to yet another big UK magazine and it will be appearing in that one in the next few weeks!

Read more about Malissa’s story

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