Cheating couple...

When is it OK to cheat on your partner?

A new study has found that the majority of people think that “if you are going to cheat do it on sites for cheaters”.

Cheating couple...

54% of British Adults say that if you are going to cheat online, then you should do it on a site designed specifically for those seeking an affair, according to a study by In contrast only 7% say that those seeking a marital affair should join sites designed for single people.

The study, which canvassed the opinions of over 1000 adults from across the country also found that 49% agree or strongly agree with the fact that “There are times and circumstances when it is acceptable for one or both partners not to be monogamous.”

The situations in which it is deemed acceptable for a person to seek out someone other then their partner were given as:

– When both partners consent: 46%

– When both partners want to stay married for the sake of the family, but no longer want an intimate relationship with each other: 24.8%

– When both partners are participating in a sexual fantasy: 16.1%

– When 1 partner is not satisfied with the sex life in the relationship: 4.7%

– When one partner is travelling for extended periods of time: 3.1%

With regards to online dating sites, specifically catering to those seeking extra marital affairs, the study also sought to investigate what the British public thought about them. If these sites closed, only 2.6 % felt that this would lead to people stopping looking for affairs, with 46% saying that they thought members would join other sites.

Paul Graham of said: “The idea of online dating sites catering specifically to those seeking to have an affair may not be very palatable, but the research shows that the British Public does have a tolerance of these sites.

The message is clear: Those who have decided to be unfaithful, for whatever reason, should join specific sites that cater to this, rather then masquerading as singles on general online dating sites. The research also shows that almost half of us can see that there are certain situations when it would be acceptable for someone in a relationship to have an affair.”

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One thought to “When is it OK to cheat on your partner?”

  1. Judging by my luck with women in the past, I am wondering if humans are even made to be monogamous? You would like to think so, but it seems that from my experience, it’s difficult to meet someone who’s completely faithful, but unless you can live on a desert island somewhere, these days, there is always going to be temptation to stray!

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