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Top 5 ‘guilty pleasures’ for Brits on holiday revealed…

A recent poll by a leading online independent travel agency has revealed the top 5 ‘guilty pleasures’ when it comes to Britons holidaying abroad. Laughing at other peoples’ choice of swimwear, in the form of Speedos, topped the poll. stuffed suitcase

In light of the top guilty holiday pleasure of UK tourists being revealed to be laughing at other people in their Speedos, compiled a list of the top 30 funniest incidences of “budgie smuggling” from images around the web.

An online poll by a leading online independent travel agency in the UK has uncovered the top 5 ‘guilty pleasures’ of Britons that holiday overseas. The study formed part of ongoing research into the holiday habits of people around the UK and 946 people aged 18-30 took part. asked adult UK holidaymakers to select their number one ‘guilty pleasure’ when on holiday, from a list of possible answers. The top five answers were then revealed from the poll, which were as follows:

1. Laughing at other peoples’ Speedos 21%
2. Being more promiscuous than usual 19%
3. Drinking more than usual 13%
4. Wearing less than usual 9%
5. Eating more junk food than usual 7%

The blog post on the top 30 funniest “budgie smuggling” Speedo images can be found here.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder of, said;

“It’s no secret that people have their own guilty pleasures when away on holiday. Drinking and eating more were confessions we grew to expect, but seeing that finding amusement in other people’s swimwear choices was up there at the top was a revelation.

“Off the back of this, we wanted to have a bit of fun and thought it’d be an idea to compile a list of the funniest “budgie smuggling” incidences from around the web. It was certainly an eye-opener, let me tell you!”

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