Eleanor June Rees- Sutherland

Is this Britain’s youngest beauty pageant entrant?

Story in the SUNDAY PEOPLE and DAILY MAIL newspapers…

Eleanor June Rees-Sutherland is just 23 months old but mum Robyn has entered her into forthcoming US-style beauty pageant, Miss Mini Princess UK. Miss Mini Princess UK entrant - Sunday People story

Eleanor June will compete wearing hair extensions, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. Dad Andrew is concerned his daughter is too young and that wearing make up at such a young age could ruin her skin.
But Robyn disagrees – she believes it will be a wonderful experience for Eleanor June to be a Princess for a day. And she can’t see the harm in it.

Robyn and Andrew both put their views forward in this article for the Sunday People newspaper. Meanwhile, Eleanor June, who adores wearing pink nail varnish every day, was photographed in her pageant outfit with mum and in the clothes Dad prefers her to wear – jeans and a T shirt perfect for running around outside and climbing trees.

Eleanor June Rees- Sutherland
Eleanor June isn't yet two...

Miss Mini Princess UK – billed as the US style pageant with British attitude – has already been the centre of controversy by campaigners worried that is a ‘paedo’s paradise’ and with its promise of little girls in glam outfits, it is sexualising children.

But organiser Shanice Senghor says: “We’ve been inundated with applicants, which shows there is a desire for this sort of glitz and glam pageant in the UK. Little girls have always enjoyed dressing up like mummy and it will be fun.”

Following on from the article in the Sunday People, the story was published on the Daily Mail website and will shortly be appearing over two pages in a leading women’s weekly magazine.

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Read the story in the Sunday People.

What do you think? Is Eleanor June too young to wear make up and dress up for a pageant? Or is it just harmless fun? Let us know below…

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