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How to avoid getting the sack during the Summer of sport…

Summer 2012 is shaping up to be another huge season when it comes down to National sport. With the Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, London Olympics, Wimbledon, cricket series and the Open golf championship all being just around the corner, bosses are already turning up the heat and laying down the law when it comes to taking time off.

Businessman Watching TV at WorkNow a firm of solicitors have come up with the ultimate guide for workers: Summer of Sport: Top Tips to Avoid Getting the Sack.

From having a few beers watching the match on a work night to using the company internet to watch the 100m, Preston law firm, MWR Solicitors, has got an answer on how to stay within the bounds of the law and keep bosses happy.

One solicitor, Sadiq Vohra, advises workers on unfair dismissal. He said: “In 2012 we have a number of major events with fans wanting to see all the action.

“During such sporting events, fans are often working and this can present problems. Potentially, you can be sacked for coming into work worse for wear or using the work’s internet.

“When it comes to employment law we all see bosses making the wrong decision but there is also a responsibility for workers to understand what can or can’t be done”.

According to latest government figures, there were 218,100 claims to employment tribunals between 1 April 2010 and 31 March 2011. This was an 8% fall compared to 2009-10, but an increase of 44% against 2008-09.

Of the 382,400 jurisdictional claims received in 2010-11, 30% were concerning Working Time Directive), 28% were for unfair dismissal, breach of contract and redundancy and 19% were for unauthorised deductions

Sadiq added: “Problems can happen in the workplace because of poor communication. Every business should have an employee handbook which states company rules.

“Common sense should prevail but this doesn’t always happen.

“Hopefully our guide can help prevent problems at a time when everyone wants to enjoy a great summer of sport.”

The guide can be accessed directly here

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