Katy Bassett who had pregorexia - story in the Daily Mirror

Katy’s incredible pregorexia story appears in the Daily Mirror…

Katy Bassett’s incredible story appears in the DAILY MIRROR.

After suffering from anorexia when she was in her teens, Katy believed she had made a good recovery. And by the time she married, she was back to a completely healthy weight and put her eating disorder firmly behind her.

Katy Basset in the Daily MirrorBut when she got pregnant, her eating disorder struck again. And she found herself fretting about putting on weight.
As her pregnancy progressed she began losing weight and finally – having realised her eating disorder could put her unborn baby in jeopardy – she sought help. She ended up staying in hospital for her entire pregnancy until Evan was born a few weeks early.
Having had her baby, Katy believed she would soon return to full health but she did not. Instead, while her baby son thrived, she couldn’t seem to manage to eat. When Evan went home she went into the Priory where she was diagnosed with anorexia. At her worse she weighed only four stones.
Thankfully after 14 months she was finally well enough to come home. Katy hasn’t looked back since. Not only is she a healthy weight but she is a loving wife and mum.
Katy wanted to tell her story to raise awareness of this frightening disorder and to show that you can get over it and you can get better and go on to live a perfectly normal life.

When we took Katy’s story on, it had been in two magazines – but she wanted to gain awareness that can only come by going into a national newspaper. This was where Featureworld – which supplies all magazines with stories – was able to step in and gain her much wider publicity.

Katy Bassett who had pregorexia - story in the Daily Mirror
Katy and Evan today

Since we took Katy’s story on, she has appeared on MAILONLINE and also on ITV DAYBREAK as well as today’s wonderful story in the DAILY MIRROR.

And there is more good news as we have just sold the rights for Katy’s story to Japan. One of the reasons Featureworld is able to find so many deals for interviewees is because we are in contact with publications and TV worldwide. We also write all our own features so, with an interviewee’s consent, we own the full copyright on all our stories and are able to syndicate them even on edition (ie: for print the following day or online use the same day.)


When you go through an agent, it is worth asking how many deals do they find on average for interviewees? And do they syndicate stories via a different agent? If they do, you might not receive as much money as you hope… It is our policy to syndicate stories ourselves so Featureworld stories are only available through Featureworld. This is because many syndication agencies cream off a whopping 50% to 60% of each deal, which clearly leaves little payment for our time or for interviewees.

Sister site Featureworld is renowned for gaining many multiple deals for interviewees and so we are delighted to see Katy’s story looking so amazing today.

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