Daniella, Body Dysmorphia Disorder

Daniella appears on the cover of Woman Magazine…

After appearing in THE SUN ON SUNDAY newspaper, Daniella Ellis’ story about her addiction to cosmetic surgery appeared on the cover and as a douple-page spread in WOMAN magazine this week.

Daniella in Woman MagazineDaniella has been diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), a mental illness that affects 1% of the population and makes her believe that she is ugly.

It has so far cost Daniella a staggering £30,000 in cosmetic surgery and she plans to have more when she can afford it.

Daniella has been obsessed with her appearance since being bullied at school because an overbite that needed surgery at 16 years old. From then on Daniella has been dissatisfied with her appearance and became addicted to perfecting her face.

Despite all the surgery, some days she still believes she is unattractive. However, she is now seeking therapy and is gaining more confidence in her looks.

Daniella Ellis BDD story made the cover of Woman mag
Daniella made the cover...

Daniella wanted to tell her story to increase awareness of this disorder and has achieved that with a story in The Sun and now in Woman magazine.

For more information on BDD visit: www.thebddfoundation.com

Do you suffer from body dysmorphia? If you have experienced any similar syndrome and you would like to tell your story to help others, then do contact our sister site Featureworld.

Jonathan Smith-Squire

Jon Smith-Squire is a reporter at Sell Your Story UK, The Magazine. A psychology graduate, he has a special interest in real life stories, human emotions and how we perceive the world around us.

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