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Evie’s story in the Sunday Mirror…!

Story about the little girl in race against time for hearing op appears in the SUNDAY MIRROR.

Evie's story appears in the Sunday Mirror

We have been hoping to secure some major publicity for little Evie Small for a couple of weeks. She is the 19 month old who is profoundly deaf and who needs an operation within the next five weeks if she is to hear again.
Evie was born with the rare condition of having no hearing nerves at all. This means even a cochlear implant would not work. And if she is not to remain in total silence (many profoundly deaf people do have some hearing ) her only hope is an auditory brainstem implant. Also known as a bionic ear, this goes directly into the brain where hearing is processed.
Evie’s parents have found a surgeon in Italy who is willing to do this delicate operation and she is booked in for the end of June. But they must raise a massive £60,000 to afford it.
Incredibly within hours of the story being championed by the Sunday Mirror, an anonymous well wisher donated £1000.
The family are overjoyed that their story has touched someone’s heart so much – but every donation, however small, is as gratefully received.
Do donate, go to www.hopeforhearing.co.uk

Read our original story: The little girl in a race against time for a bionic ear.

Read Evie’s story in the Sunday Mirror.

We will keep you updated on progress!

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