How to get a bikini body

Diet stalled? Reached a plateau with your weightloss? Holiday coming up? Read on…

As any dieter knows, thinking what to eat that is healthy and low calorie, is one of the biggest problems you face. Do the likes of Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham have their own chefs preparing tasty but low-calorie dishes enabling them to keep so slim without having to think about it? Doubtless they probably do.

How to get a bikini body
Get ready for your bikini

But for a price you can take a week or two – or even just a weekend – off worrying about what to eat without falling off the wagon.

The annual pulling the bikini out of the wardrobe daunts us all; but not anymore. MY Food, a healthy food delivery service, has created a menu plan, Blitz Body, which contains 1100 calories per day and is designed to get your body back in tip top condition ready to enjoy the summer sun.

The multicultural meals include dishes from Thailand, India and China and are all freshly prepared by our chefs under the guidance of a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist. Together with tempting meal options such as Rise and Shine Muesli, Miso Soup with Melba Toast and Mediterranean Pizza and Crunchy Coleslaw, this package also includes Dead Sea Bathing Salts, an exfoliating Body Brush and herbal teas to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the programme.

The Blitz Body menu plan, which claims a 7Ib weightloss is possible within 14 days, is conveniently delivered directly to your door in a luxury hamper; no shopping, no preparation and no fiddly organisation. This menu plan delivers a healthy, convenient and delicious way of life and is specifically designed to help you feel fabulous on holiday and ready to soak up the summer sun.

As Nas Amir Ahmadi, Founder of MY Food says, “It’s been a problem that women have had to deal with for many years but we’ve come up with the perfect solution. Our menu plans aren’t the typical dull, unimaginative tasting food that you’d expect. We’ve combined lots of flavours and textures to provide great tasting meals that really do help you to lose weight.” Nas continues, “We are proving it is possible to eat lower calorie, healthy food without feeling deprived, and that being on a diet and losing weight doesn’t mean having to compromise on taste.”

Blitz Body is priced at £20 per day and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner with nationwide delivery.

My Food also has higher calorie plans for those who are more active or don’t need to lose so much weight so fast as well as a an eat-in service for a healthy take-away. For example their active body low carbohydrate plan has 1200 calories a day (with a snack option included taking it to 1600 calories) again for £20 a day. You can also order healthy ‘heat and eat’ meals if you are busy working for £21 a day for five days. Then there is an eat in at the weekend option – a healthy starter, main course and pudding costing for £20 for two people.

Just ensure you do stick to the food provided! Obviously a McDonalds’ burger will take you over your allotted foods…!

My Food are one of a number of diet delivery companies that have sprung up over the last few years to meet the growing demand of slimming meals. Find out about some other similar companies and the sort of meals they include in their deliveries here: Delivery diet plans and reviews and here: weighing up the pros and cons of delivery diets.

Have you tried a delivery diet? Did you lose weight on it? What was the food like? If you have tried this type of diet – whether successful or not – let us know! Either leave your views below or if you think your experience would make an interesting health article, contact sister site Featureworld.

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