Daniella Ellis suffers from BDD

Why this stunning mum believes she’s ugly…

Our interviewee Daniella Ellis appears in THE SUN on SUNDAY newspaper.

Woman spends £30K on her face
Daniella in The Sun on Sunday

To anyone who meets her, brunette Daniella Ellis, 30, is an attractive woman.
But the mum of two is addicted to cosmetic surgery – because she believes she is ugly.
Daniella’s addiction is so bad, she has already undergone five procedures costing £30,000 from savings and loans.
However, she’s so dissatisfied with herself, she is already planning more.
She knows she has a problem – she is concerned that her negativity towards her looks has already spread to her daughter, 8, who tells her mum she doesn’t feel pretty either. Daniella has seen her GP and has been diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. She has been prescribed anti-depressants to try to help.
However, she is now planning veneers, Cheek augmentation, further nose surgery and an eye lift as soon as she can afford it.
Daniella’s obsession began when she was 16. She was born with an overbite that meant she was bullied about at school. It made her very self-conscious about her appearance.
She had to wear a brace for years and then in 2009 decided to have jaw surgery to correct her jaw. This was recommended by doctors – it was successful and this should have been the end of it. But Daniella was not satisfied and became fixated on perfecting her face.
She would sit in front of the mirror for hours analysing her face and particularly her profile from every angle. She went on to have further surgery to her chin, which she believed (and still believes) is massive.
She went on to have a nose job, followed by liposuction on her face and neck and lip fillers.
When she is about to have a procedure she is incredibly excited and is happy until it is healed, when she sits in front of the mirror again and picks her looks to bits. Needless to say there are days she feels so ugly she can barely face getting out of bed.

Daniella Ellis suffers from BDD
Daniella doesn't believe she's pretty pic: copyright Featureworld.co.uk

Danielle, whose partner Marc has been supportive, wanted to tell her story to encourage fellow sufferers to gain help quicker. Since being prescribed anti-depressants, Danielle is feeling better about herself but is now awaiting counselling to try to help her recover.

BDD – the facts

· Body Dysmorphic Syndrome affects 1% of the population, with men and women equally affected.

· People suffering from BDD are often thought of as vain. But in fact it is the opposite and they truly believe they are hideously ugly and disgusting.

· The condition usually begins during the teen years and can be triggered by teasing.

· Sufferers constantly seek treatment from cosmetic surgeons but are rarely satisfied even after successful surgery.

· The illness can be so severe that sufferers eventually become a recluse. One in four sufferers will attempt suicide.


Do you suffer from body dysmorphia? If you have experienced any similar syndrome and you would like to tell your story to help others, then do contact our sister site Featureworld.

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