Danielle Clewlow gave birth on her wedding day

I had a baby on my wedding day!

Our interviewee, Danielle Clewlow’s incredible story appears in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper and THE DAILY MAIL WEBSITE

Danielle Clewlow had a baby on her wedding day
Danielle's story in the Sunday Mirror

They say being a bride is the best day in a woman’s life.
But for Danielle it turned out to be even more memorable – when following the ceremony, she gave birth to 7Ib 7oz baby son, Paddy.
The happy couple even returned to the reception where bakers had added a tiny icing newborn to their wedding cake.
Danielle and her husband Aaron already had another son, Keaton aged one, when they decided to tie the knot.
However, as their first son had arrived late, they had no qualms about organising the big day two weeks before their second was due.
Incredibly though on the morning of the wedding Danielle, 19, began getting contractions.
Determined to get through her dream white wedding she decided not even a baby was going to stop her becoming a Mrs.
The couple managed to get through the vows – with Danielle smiling through her contractions as she signed the register.

Danielle Clewlow gave birth on her wedding day
Danielle manages to say her vows ... pic copyright: Featureworld.co.uk

Shortly after saying I do, the full time mum even attended her wedding breakfast.
But just before the evening reception was due to begin, at 5.50pm Danielle decided to nip to hospital.
Midwives barely had time to fill the birthing pool but at 6.27pm she gave birth to her little son in the water.
Amazingly Danielle and her husband, 25, a car salesman, were able to pop back to the evening reception to show off their gorgeous newborn, before arriving home shattered.
Danielle said: “It was fantastic becoming a Mrs and a mum of two on the same day. And Paddy was the best wedding present ever.”

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