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What does your Star Sign say about your Summer holiday?

So April has been the wettest month in the UK since records began in 1910 with more flood warnings to come from the Met Office. The May Day Bank Holiday also looks to be a wet and windy day off too! With all this soggy weather, we asked the UK’s favourite astrologer and TV celebrity Russell Grant to reveal what might be in store for the Summer months and also what type of holiday best suits each of the 12 Star signs.

Russell GrantAries (Mar21-Apr20) You aren’t a person to let inclement weather bother you or get you down. Once you are away, you will make the most of your holiday. If you’re camping, pack plenty extra clothing and waterproof gear in case of rain. Having the right equipment will make all the difference. You like to be active and enjoy holidays that offer challenge and adventure. Wherever you’re going and whatever you have planned for the summer, you fully intend to enjoy it, rain, hail or shine! Getting away from it all on a spontaneous whim can also be exciting. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: European Camping Holiday, Mountaineering holiday, Hiking Tour in the UK.

Taurus (Apr21-May21) Package tours where everything is organised and you don’t have to do a lot of thinking yourself gives you a chance to indulge your lazy side. You work hard most of the year so you deserve a break and you will thoroughly enjoy being pampered on a relaxing holiday. Once you recoup your energy you might also think about doing some volunteer work overseas. Helping develop a community or environmental project will give you a chance to visit some amazing places while helping with a meaningful cause. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Italy, Spa and Wellness Lakeside Breaks or Volunteering Holiday Overseas

Gemini (May22-June21) Rain or shine, as long as you are holidaying with your favourite people, you will have fun. You might plan in advance so you have plenty ideas for activities in case of bad weather, and venues to visit if and when the sun does shine! At the same time you are versatile and happy to go with the mood of the moment. You enjoy variety and have a fascination for foreign cultures, religions, myths and beliefs. That’s why you’re likely to choose locations where you can meet a variety of interesting people and experiment with new activities. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Jordan, Egypt or anywhere with ancient historical lineage.

Cancer (June22-July23) You’ve always been sensitive and spiritual and this year you just want to get away from the crowds. Cancer is a Water sign and it can be enormously relaxing, as well as spiritually uplifting, to be beside lakes, rivers or the sea. The idea of a renting a canal boat is a one you have considered for many years. Once you find a boat company that offers comfortable onboard facilities that will make your boating holiday a home from home, you could make 2012 the year to make this dream come true. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: UK canal boating, Mediterranean Cruising or a trip to beautiful Lake Garda.

Leo (July24-Aug23) If you are typical of your sign, “getting away from it all” means enjoying an unforgettable holiday experience. Some years you will seek challenge and adventure: an African safari, sailing, climbing mountains or horse riding. Other times you will yearn for something more relaxing like a luxury cruise or a tropical paradise destination with plenty relaxation and fun in the sun. Every year you hope the experience will be the best ever and that your holiday to be a one you will always remember. Foul weather will bother you and ruin your dream holiday so it has to be beautifully sunny days. Whatever your plans, you need to head for the sun! Best type of holiday and locations for you are: African safari, Yacht holiday in Greece, Tropical Island.

Virgo (Aug24-Sept23) You like to have everything completely organised down to the last detail. Choose your travel companions wisely. Journeying with friends who are unpredictable and change plans without giving any notice will be far from relaxing. In fact you would probably end the holiday feeling stressed out and in need of another break to get over it! Whether you decide to book an all inclusive holiday or you arrange the travel and hotel bookings yourself, you will have most fun when travelling with people you can trust and rely on and who aren’t likely to run off and get themselves lost the moment you aren’t looking! Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Luxury mobile homes in France, China, or an Alaskan Wildlife Tour.

Libra (Sept24-Oct23). You would rather holiday with a friend, partner or the family than go anywhere alone. If you are single and feel in need of a break but you’re nervous about travelling solo, why not book with an organised group for single travellers? You’ve always had sensitive skin and should be careful about spending too long under the heat of the sun. Be sure to use plenty sun tan cream as you can burn very easily. This year you’re most likely to go for luxurious settings with plenty of choice of activities and entertainment. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Group holidays, Majorca Villa breaks, or exotic Thailand.

Scorpio (Oct24-Nov22) You could never laze about on a beach or wile away your holiday doing nothing. You want a taste of different activities, to visit museums and to feel as if you can return home having enjoyed a valuable experience. Writing, photography or art holiday courses will give you a chance to hone your skills and meet like minded people. The idea of taking a spiritual retreat has always interested you. Visiting archaeological sites and trips to discover the culture and history of a country will make you feel you got more out of the experience than an ordinary, relaxing break. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Guatemala, Lakeland Photographic Holidays, Creative writing in Greece.

Sagittarius (Nov23-Dec21) Holidays and family fun activities don’t have to be ruined by rain. You have a great sense of humour and you will see the funny side of any event or activity that doesn’t exactly go as planned. You enjoy learning about different cultures and will be happy to visit places you’ve never been to before. Holidaying in the same location year after year would eventually bore you. Expect to feel a strong pull towards exotic destinations and adventure or wildlife holidays. You want to enjoy a variety of experiences at a reasonable price! Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Culture and history holidays, Wildlife holidays

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20) Capricorn is an Earth sign with a great respect for nature, animals and other cultures. This year you might combine your concern with saving the planet, with travel. Wildlife watching holidays focusing on endangered species, protecting elephants in Thailand or a conservation holiday in the Scottish Highlands would mean you are experiencing something new and different while travelling responsibly. You prefer having plenty to do and would happily sign up for a volunteering holiday where you can enjoy new experiences while doing your bit for the planet. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Scottish Highlands, Ecotourism, Shetland Otters

Aquarius (Jan21-Feb19) As long as it is different, exciting and offers a degree of challenge, you will consider the holiday ideas your friends put to you. Travelling in a group is always fun and as the old saying goes: there is safety in numbers. Whether it is sleeping under the stars, swimming with whales or taking a gorilla safari trek, holidays that offer new experiences are the ones you are likely to go for. You would rather not spend a lot of money on luxury and pampering yourself when it is the experience and the people you spend time with, that will make your holiday. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Holidaying with friends, Swimming with dolphins in Cuba or any safari destinations.

Pisces (Feb20-Mar20) You want your holiday this year to be meaningful and for the enjoyment you get out of it to stay with you for years to come. Exploring places you’ve always wanted to see while enjoying the luxury and comfort of a cruise ship would be a holiday you won’t ever want to forget. Closer to home, you will want to be active and to feel as if you’re getting some educational benefit from your holiday. Strolling around museums and galleries, taking a city tour or sightseeing trip will give you plenty to tell your friends about when you return home. Best type of holiday and locations for you are: Holiday cruises, City breaks or theatre, concert or cultural packages.

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