It’s a myth all editors want skinny models, says agency.

Mention the word ‘model’ and more often than not people think of tall, ultra-skinny woman sauntering down brightly lit catwalks in Paris or Milan.

A typical Sapphire Model...
But in reality, most modelling work that takes place here in the UK is far more down to earth; in fact there’s currently a distinct shortage of ‘real’ sized women in the industry.

Clients such as catalogue companies, production houses and high street retailers are becoming increasingly frustrated with modelling agencies at the lack of strong size 10 models in the industry and the hunt is on for agents to find them.

“We’re really not sure why it’s the way it is” concedes Neely Reyes, the founder and MD of Sapphires Model Management, a London based Modelling agency. “Perhaps it’s the fact that the stereotypical image of a model is really skinny and so girls with a few curves don’t even try to get into the industry! The fact remains though that more and more clients are looking for size 10 models and there just isn’t the supply to meet the demand.”

Part of the problem could be that the perception of beauty has changed a lot and now even size 10 girls don’t feel they are slim enough to work as a model. “I’ve often approached girls who I thought had great model potential but the response is always that they thought they were ‘too fat’ to model, which really isn’t true” Neely continues.

“In fact we’re so desperate for tall, attractive size 10 girls that we’ve even had to start flying them in from abroad! Of course, we’d much prefer to develop home grown talent so we want to put the call out for all those perfect 10’s to get in touch!”

Applying to a modelling agency is a really simple process. A couple of clear snapshots taken with a digital camera, or even a camera phone, along with measurements and contact details is all a model hopeful needs. If an agency thinks you might have potential they’ll invite you in to discuss more and who know where it could lead?

Sapphires Model Management is a London based modelling agency with offices in South Molton Street, Mayfair. The company was founded by entrepreneur Neely Reyes and have a reputation for treating their models honestly and ethically and rejecting the ‘size zero’ image so prevalent in the industry.

For more information visit Sapphires’ website at

Alison Smith-Squire

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