Malissa Jones - fat to anorexic

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When people sell a story via sister site Featureworld, they often imagine it will just be sold in the UK. But in fact, Featureworld sells stories all over the world. And we thought it would be interesting for people to know where stories go! Here, we bring you a few of this last month’s sales around the globe…


Malissa Jones - fat to anorexic
Malissa's story continues to sell around the world...

The story of how Malissa Jones went from being Britain’s fattest teen to anorexic has already appeared in a huge variety of magazines and newspapers in the UK – and she has also appeared on TV. Malissa’s story continues to sell and this month alone, Malissa has completed filming for one of Brazil’s biggest TV channels and her story has also just been sold to France’s major TV broadcaster Canal+.

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Katy’s story about how she became anorexic when she was pregnant has appeared in a number of magazines in the UK and on MailOnline. She has also appeared on UK TV. Now, Katy will shortly be filming with Japan’s largest TV station for a special documentary they are making.

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The Parvez family hit the headlines because they are believed to be the biggest family of albinos in the world. Their incredible story appeared in The Sun newspaper and on ITV This Morning. They are now in talks with documentary makers to do further filming for a major UK TV channel and have just completed some filming. Meanwhile their story has just been sold to New Zealand where it will be appearing in a national women’s magazine.

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Since their story appeared via Featureworld on the front page of the Daily Mail, the organisers of this US style beauty pageant for little girls have received over 100 requests worldwide for further publicity. Interest has come from the States to magazines closer to home and every major news channel in the UK has shown interest.

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* Featureworld policy is not to use syndication agencies to place our stories abroad. This is because they often charge an extraordinary 40% commission – this not only eats into our profits but also the profits of our interviewees. We now work with our own press photographers to ensure a complete package of words and photos can be provided. We always pay interviewees when their stories are sold abroad and are proud that we are able to give them so many opportunities to earn so much more money from their stories.

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