Snoring Affects More People Than You Think...

Old Wives’ Tales Need To Be Put To Bed For Snorers…

A new online ‘snore-test’ that helps to identify the cause and recommend treatement for people who snore has been launched, extinguishing the old supposed cures and remedies past down through the ages. And what better time to stop snoring than National Stop Snoring Week – 23rd-28th April 2012?

Nearly 2,000 volunteers were asked to try one of the following remedies dating back to the 1800s:

Snoring Affects More People Than You Think...·         Ball in back of pyjamas
·         Drinking milk
·         Eating horseradish
·         Gargling with garlic
·         Phonetic exercises
·         Rubbing upper lip of snorer
·         Water under the bed
·         Sucking a dummy
·         A Royal remedy – rub toothpaste under the nostrils of snorer
·         Sleeping without pillows

Rather than stopping snoring, many of the remedies created other problems such as sore neck, dry mouth during the night and in the morning, nightmares, gooey, slimy taste in the mouth and some remedies even made the snoring worse demonstrating that old wives’ tales and remedies do not work.

Even the tennis ball sewn into the back of the pyjamas that is still widely recommended, had no effect on our snorers.

In view of this, The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association still advocate that to stop snoring the scientific approach of finding the cause is essential before a treatment can be recommended.

Today stopping snoring could not be easier, as snorers can stop snoring in just 3 minutes.  Their recently launched revolutionary on-line interactive ‘snore tests’ will help identify the cause of the snoring and based on the answers given, will make a recommendation of treatment options. Hundreds of people every day are now benefiting from the high success rate of these tests. Try the tests today at

For further information about National Stop Snoring Week visit or call Marianne Davey on 01737 245638.

Do you suffer from snoring or have an unusual remedy that you swear by? Let us know below…

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