Boy, 6, racks up £950 bill on computer game

Boy, 6, racks up £950 bill buying ‘gold’ for cartoon game…

Our story of how a little boy managed to spend £950 on his parent’s card when playing a game on his mum’s iPad appears in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper.

Boy, 6, racks up £950 bill on computer game
Jake, aged 6 (photo copyright

He looks as if butter wouldn’t melt. But cheeky Jake Sadler, 6, managed to spend over £950 of his parent’s cash – playing an online cartoon game.
Jake managed to fritter the money buying ‘pretend gold’ to play the Zombie Takeover game on his mum’s iPad.
Yet his bewildered parents only discovered Jake had spent the money – after their bank’s fraud team rang over concerns with ‘unusual activity’ on their account. Boy spends £1K on computer game
And it was then they spotted that over £950 had been spent within just thirty minutes.
Last night mum Gemma, 31, said: “We had no idea the money was even going out of our account until the fraud squad at the bank rang us.
“And when we looked at our bank account and found such a large amount of money missing I felt absolutely sick.”
Fearing they were the victim of an elaborate sting, the Gemma and husband Martin, 34, desperately tried to make sense of what was happening.
But it was then they saw Jake sat very quietly in the corner with Gemma’s iPad.
And when they looked closer, they discovered Jake had managed to input the password to their debit card – and was buying the pretend ‘gold’ to play his game.
Said Gemma: “We had no idea Jake even knew our password or how he’d even got onto our card details. But then it dawned on us that the game he was playing is linked to our iTunes account and our card is on that. He must have overheard myself or my husband talking about it.

Boy racks up £950 bill playing computer game...
Gemma with Jake and baby Luke. copyright

“He is a very clever little boy and we’d underestimated just how much he takes in.”
Adds Gemma: “it might have been funny but we were desperately worried as we can’t afford to lose that sort of money.’
Fortunately Gemma managed to contact ITunes who agreed to refund their cash.
She says: “Needless to say we’ve changed our password and from now on will be doing all our banking when Jake is in bed!”

* Zombie Takeover allows the user to lead an army of zombie fighters to join with vampires and werewolves to defend against pesky human invaders. Players can either win gold by advancing the levels or buy it to help in their fight.

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