Good publicity v bad publicity

Is all publicity good publicity…?

One of the reasons people come to sister site Featureworld is to gain publicity and get their story out there. The reasons why people want to sell their story differ. But, perhaps surprisingly, money is often not the key issue – gaining the coverage is. But if the response is negative, does that matter? Good publicity v bad publicity

Miss Mini Princess UK – a US-style beauty pageant knew they might be criticised for bringing this to the UK – and following the front page in the Daily Mail, and a subsequent feature in the Daily Star, but they were still shocked by the strength of response. Hundreds left comments on MailOnline – many people were upset at the thought of a pageant for young girls. Whether such a pageant – billed as similar to those shown on the hit American TV show Toddlers & Tiaras – should go ahead was also discussed on many TV news shows including ITV This Morning.

Miss Mini Princess UK causes a storm...
The Sunday Times has its say...
Now, Sunday Times columnist India Knight has waded into the debate claiming the show is one kiddie step away from abuse.

However, despite the storm of protest against it, the organisers say they cannot hide the fact the show is going ahead. And incredibly as well as being contacted by dozens of news organisations and journalists from all over the world all wanting to cover the event, they have also seen a further late surge in applications. This, they say, demonstrates that there is a demand in the UK for a US-style full glam beauty pageant for little girls.

And yet another former Featureworld interviewee, Marie-Louise Sawyer makes the press again. We first interviewed Marie-Louise after she wrote via the enquiry form about how she’d been abandoned by her husband after they’d gone to France together. Following her double page in the Daily Mail newspaper, she did not have negative publicity but it was a well-discussed issue especially amongst expats.
We helped Marie-Louise set up a website to help others in a similar situation and her website has since gone from strength to strength. As Marie-Louise told You Magazine, ‘When my story was publicised hundreds of women from all over France got in touch. There was clearly a need for me to help other women.” Helping others was exactly what Marie-Louise set out to do and it is now What Marie-Louise does – but she was helped by her gaining huge publicity in the first place.

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