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Ten tips to curb the calories over Easter…

With all the chocolate treats around – not to mention hot cross buns and simnel cake – Easter is a dieter’s nightmare. Watching your weightBut nobody should have to completely ban themselves from Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns, just because they are trying to get in shape…

Jacqui Morrell, a dietician with slimming website Jenny Craig says: “To keep morale high and so dieters don’t feel deprived, we suggest that dieters can treat themselves from time to time. The trick is not to overdose on treats and to keep in mind that there is more to Easter than chocolate.” The weight loss experts have put together the following Easter Survival Manifesto to help people with their diet plans during Easter.

1. Easter is the end of lent, so don’t start indulging before Easter Day.
2. Egg yourself on to reach a specific goal that you would like to achieve before Easter. Aim for a weight loss of 1 to 2lbs per week.
3. One Hot Cross Bun is the equivalent of two slices of bread and contains a lot less fat than a croissant.
4. Authentic Easter eggs are decorated boiled eggs. This chocolate free variety is wonderful at the breakfast table. For inspiration, look up how the Orthodox Greeks dye their eggs red with onion skins.
5. Outdoor egg hunts are a fun way to burn a couple of extra calories.
6. The key to effective portion control is: quality over quantity.
7. Bonnets, bunnies, chicken! Have some fun and get active by making some Easter decorations with your kids.
8. Think about the whole experience when you eat your Easter treat. Take time to unwrap it and enjoy it!
9. Share your treats, so there is less for you!
10. To avoid temptation, give away your leftover treats after Easter Monday.

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