Diane Miller adopted her grandson

Diane Miller appears on ITV This Morning…

Diane Miller, who adopted her grandson after he was orphaned, appeared on ITV THIS MORNING. Diane Miller adopted her grandson

A year ago Morgan’s parents, Tom and Terri-Ann, were tragically killed after a lorry shed its load on top of them. The couple were engaged and had been trying for a baby. Terri-Ann was hoping she was pregnant with their second child and had confided in sister Claire she was about to buy a test to see if she was pregnant again.

Morgan Matts
Morgan was left an orphan...

Tragically on the programme Diane’s daughter Claire, who accompanied her mum to the show, talked about how Morgan asks, ‘Is mummy Terri coming back?’ Meanwhile, Diane spoke of how Morgan has given her and the whole family something to carry on for.
The family were joined by a psychologist who encouraged them to talk as much as they want to Morgan about memories of his parents and not to be frightened to show their grief and cry in front of him.
Miller family appear on ITV This Morning
Diane and Claire with the ITV This Morning psychologist

The Miller family’s story has already appeared in THE SUN, PICK ME UP and WOMAN’S OWN. Recently it also appeared in THE DAILY MIRROR.

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