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Scary Spice Mel B’s husband showers her with sexy lingerie after weightloss…

Scary Spice Mel B is delighted to unveil her new body and reveals not only can she fit into her 13 year old daughter’s jeans but her husband has showered her with some sexy lingerie to celebrate.
Mel B Before/AfterJust six months after the birth of her daughter, Mel has lost an impressive 33lbs and reached her goal weight of 9 stone 4lbs.
“Since Spice Girls, I’ve had three adorable baby girls and you know what, as a mum it’s ok to ask for help losing weight,” says Mel, “now I’ve lost the weight, I feel like I can take on the world. My energy levels have skyrocketed and my brain is firing on all cylinders. I feel I can now be the best mum possible.”
The new mum adds: “I can easily slide into my old jeans – the ones my 13 year old daughter Pheonix has been ‘borrowing’ for the past 15 months! My husband Stephen is beyond excited! He’s loving my new body and has showered me with sexy lingerie.”

Mel lost weight using the Jenny Craig, which combines home-delivered food with weekly one-to-one consultations. It is running a 50% special offer until April 30th 2012 with a two week Programme for just £38.50 a week. Call 0800 088 2145 or visit for more information.

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