Katy Bassett and Family on Daybreak

Katy Bassett appears on TV…

Featureworld interviewee Katy Bassett appeared on ITV’s DAYBREAK this morning.

Katy with EvanKaty appeared with husband James, son Evan and Dr. Hilary Jones discussing her ‘pregorexia’.

When Katy was pregnant with Evan, she became so ill with anorexia, she and unborn Evan almost died.

Terrified of getting fat, her weight plummeted to under four stones. It meant Mrs Bassett had to be tube-fed to keep her and her unborn son alive. And after Evan was born early at 30 weeks, her ‘pregorexia’ left her too frail to care for him herself until he was 14 months old.

Today, with Evan in her arms, Katy, now 30 and fully recovered, says: ‘Evan is a little miracle. Every day I just look at him and feel so grateful he’s healthy.’

Dr. Hilary Jones, Husband James, Katy and EvanOn Daybreak she discusses the guilt she felt by putting her unborn baby at risk and also answers suggestions that she was being selfish.

Katy’s story has also previously appeared in several magazines as well as on the Daily Mail website, MAILONLINE over the weekend.

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