Millions of us have regrets

Millions of us DO have regrets, says survey

Almost three quarters of us do have regrets in our life – but they are not the regrets you might imagine, finds a new study.

Millions of us have regrets
Smoking is one regret

Five of the top regrets do relate to matters of the heart – such as getting wed too early and not playing the field. However the regret of not telling someone they loved them actually only ranks regret number 22.
A survey by Electric Zebra of 2000 people found the biggest regret was not saving more money. Second was not working harder at school, then by not exercising more. These were followed by not seeing enough of the world.

Although regrets are seen as a negative part of life, two thirds of those interviwed also believe they led then to act more positively and learn from mistakes.
The top 25 regrets are:

1. I wish I’d saved more money

2. I wish I’d worked harder at school

3. I should have exercised more

4. I regret not seeing more of the world

5. I wish I’d never started smoking

6. I wish I’d stayed in touch with people more

7. I regret not taking more care of my body when I was younger

8. I wish I’d appreciated an elderly relative more before they passed away

9. I wish I’d taken more photos of my experiences growing up

10. I wish I’d not got married so early

11. I think I rushed into a relationship

12. I wish I’d had a better education

13. I wish I hadn’t smoked to fit in

14. I wish I’d spent more time with my kids when they were young

15. I wish I’d got on the property ladder sooner

16. I regret not spending more time with my parents

17. I regret not being more committed to my goals

18. I think I got married too young

19. I wish I’d taken more photos of my kids when they were young

20. I wish I’d been a bit more promiscuous when I was younger

21. I wish I’d drunk less alcohol

22. I regret not telling someone I loved them

23. I wish I’d repaired a friendship

24. I wish I wasn’t so easily led when I was younger

25. I regret not taking a job I was offered

The research commissioned by Electric Zebra, a new type of electric cigarette that helps people quit smoking, points out that regrets over taking up the habit came in at number five.
Their medical advisor, Dr Sarah Brewer, said: “It’s significant that people list taking up smoking as one of their biggest regrets and that 16% are still looking for a way to quit or cut down.”

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Are there any regrets you have that aren’t listed here? Let us know below…

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