Ten daddy blogs

Ten Daddy bloggers and what they talk about…

Daddy blogging isn’t as popular as Mummy blogging is – but it’s very much alive and kicking – and a growing area of blogging.

Ten daddy blogs
Daddy blogs are growing in popularity…

Here, we outline ten different blogs that are all great in their own individual ways…

My Daddy Cooks


Nick Coffer, 38, is dad to Archie, 3, and set up his blog in November 2009. He had lost his business and found himself at home as a stay-at-home dad. Initially his recipe blog was set up to give him something to focus on but it has now turned into a full-time career.

He says: “I set up the blog to simply document what and how we cook in our house. We try to eat fresh, healthy and interesting meals… all cooked on a very modest budget.”

Claim to Fame: The My Daddy Cooks book has just been published by Hodder & Stoughton and he also presents a local BBC weekly radio food show.
Recent posts: Perfect breaded escalopes (video).
Twitter: Over 5500 followers; over 16500 tweets.

Dadda Cool


Alex Walsh is father to a son, aged 4, daughter aged 3 and new baby son. His wife Claire is also a blogger who writes beingamummy.co.uk

He says: “While now muffling curses when standing on stickle bricks, I still enjoy some grown up pursuits. I like reading, watching films and I’ve just picked up a pen to start drawing…”

Claim to Fame: Wrote a piece for THE GUARDIAN on the devastation of going back to work after paternity leave.
Recent posts: Is extreme couponing a manifestation of insanity?
Twitter: 1500 followers, over 17500 tweets.

Daddy Natal


Dean Beaumont has two children, Oren, 21/2 and Willow, 18 months and his blog was born out of the experiences from the birth of his children.

He says: “I thought I was well informed as an expectant father … unfortunately I was mistaken, which resulted in the memories of the birth of my son being tainted with feelings of guilt.”

Claim to Fame: He is the only fully qualified male Antenatal Educator in the UK. Antenatal classes for men run by men.
Recent Posts: A Grand Challenge (if you have children could you ever imagine life without them now?)
Twitter: Over 2000 followers; over 8500 tweets.

The Daddy Diaries


Jonathan Brown is a writer and editor who’s spent most of his professional life working for showbiz and entertainment mags. In 2008 his wife Emma had their first little boy, followed by Elliot last year.

He says: “This blog is a collection of thoughts and discoveries based around them (our children)…”

Claim to Fame: Winning best Daddy blog at the annual Gurgle blog awards 2011 just three months after he started his blog.
Recent posts: How much TV is too much TV?
Twitter: 100 followers, over 300 tweets.

Chronicles of a Reluctant Housedad


In July 2011 Keith Kendrick was made redundant from his job as a manager of one of Britain’s biggest publishers. Having failed to find another job, he and his wife swapped roles and she gave up her life as a freelancer working from home to become editor of TAKE A BREAK magazine. Meanwhile, he took over full time care of his stepdaughter, 9, and their two sons aged 2 and 6.

He says: “I started writing my blog as a chronicle of life-change and how I cope with being a very reluctant housedad … and how my Successful Other Half copes with the fallout.”

Claim to Fame: Has had his story published as a double page feature in the DAILY MAIL.
Recent posts: Dads are you a hugger or a shaker when it comes to your sons?
Twitter: Over 2000 followers; over 13,000 tweets.

Single Parent Dad


In 2005 Ian Newbold’s wife, Samantha, suddenly died leaving him to bring up their seven month old son.

He says: “Constantly inspired by Samantha’s death, we aim to end every day smiling, we hope you do too.”

Claim to Fame: Voted a top daddy blog by Cision UK.
Recent Posts: Family car Kudos – what’s the most important thing about a family car?
Twitter: Almost 2000 followers; over 11000 tweets.

Diary of the Dad


Tom Briggs is proud dad to Dylan, who was born in July 2010. Every week Tom shares his musings about parenthood and the things that Dylan gets up to.

He says: “I had so many things I wanted to waffle on about and generally bore people with that I decided to take the bold step of starting a blog and becoming a part of the frankly enormous parent blogging community.”

Claim to Fame: Winner at The MADS blog awards 2011.
Recent posts: Take action for Action Aid charity.
Twitter: Almost 1000 followers, over 3000 tweets.

Bringing up Charlie


Tim Atkinson gave up full-time paid employment to stay at home with his children. He was looking for part time work he could do from home when a publisher approached him and asked if he’d like to write some text books.

He says: “OK so what would you like to know … I’m a part time psychology teacher … I have an MA in Education and a Diploma in creative writing… oh, and a 100 metres breast-stroke certificate.”

Claim to Fame: Published author of five books, some of which are about fatherhood.
Recent post: What have you given up for lent?
Twitter: 3500 followers; over 26,000 tweets.

Good Bye Pert Breasts


Ben Wakeling, who has two sons, writes the diary of a newborn dad.

He says: “For those who have asked, she has read everything that I’ve published on here, and is fine with it. Even if she wasn’t, she’d never catch me.”

Claim to Fame: Has self published a humorous book that goes by the same name as his website.
Recent posts: Songs that used to scare the heck out of me as a kid.
Twitter: 2500 followers; over 15500 tweets.

All that Comes with it


Dan Hughes, 35, lives in the North of England and works as a community health nurse. He is married to Kerry and they have two children, Amy, 8, and Evan, 5.

He says: “Don’t ask me what this blog is about. I don’t know.”

Claim to Fame: Nominated for a MAD blog
Recent posts: Patty Cake, Patty Cake.
Twitter: unknown.

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5 thoughts to “Ten Daddy bloggers and what they talk about…”

  1. Wow – thanks for including me in such esteemed company! Dad bloggers are definitely in the minority so it’s nice to see some of us getting a bit of coverage here. Most kind!

  2. Such great blogs. Without first purchasing a trumpet and then learning to blow it, I’m also a dad and a blogger (and a geek as well, but I’m assured I’m a loveable one).

  3. My blog is a fairly new one. It’s about my life as a dj at night, stay at home dad to 2 under 4s during the day.
    I didn’t post since last May as after my father died I didn’t want to write.
    After people posting really positive comments on old pieces I’ve finally wrote a new blog and am going to do one a week


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