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Would mum like a beehive for Mother’s Day?

Stuck for something as an unusual Mother’s Day gift? Yes, a bee hive (the insects and not the hairdo) wasn’t the first thing we thought of as a present for mum either.

But, the British Beekeepers Association feels that as mothers are the Queen bees of their children’s lives, then their Adopt a Beehive scheme could be suitable.

And it is all in a good cause. For it would also raise funds to help Britain’s honeybees, creatures that equally have a lot to thank the female of the species for.

Honey bees are the only insects which live in a managed colony with one queen, up to 50,000 “sister” workers and, at most, 2,000 male drones all in one colony in the height of summer.
Potty About Pollination
With virtually no wild honey bees left it is the vital work of beekeepers across the country which supports the British honey bee. The BBKA is a unique organisation made up of 22,500 amateur beekeepers, which also raises funds for education and applied research projects to help protect the honey bee through its Adopt a Beehive scheme.

The Adopt a Beehive campaign allows everyone who is not able to keep bees themselves to share in the life of a beehive and its beekeeper. A one year Adoption pack comes with a range of goodies, and costs just 30 GBP plus postage and packaging, with all the profits going toward the BBKA’s projects to help save Britain’s honey bees

This year the rapidly growing number of the BBKA’s female beekeepers will be tending to their bees over Mother’s Day – which falls on 25th March.

Hannah Hodgson joined the BBKA four years ago. She says: “With many threats to the honey bee due to the parasitic varroa mite which also spreads viruses and other infections, Adopt a Beehive is a great way to raise funds to help protect the honey bee. Spring is a time when crops with plenty of nectar should be sown to make sure there are many plants for the honey bee to feast on during the height of summer – so anyone who is planning some gardening over Mother’s Day weekend can consider what they can plant to help Britain’s honey bees. Adoption packs come with a packet of seeds for bee friendly plants.”

Mother’s Day brings whole families together and as the Hobbs family from Reigate show, beekeeping is an activity the whole family can get involved with. Stuart Hobbs said: “Last year we had a bumper harvest of honey that all the children got involved with extracting and bottling – their favourite job! The BBKA holds education stalls at fairs across the country that appeal to all ages, spreading appreciation of how honey bees impact our day to day life, such as accounting for one in three mouthfuls of food we eat.

“Mother’s Day is a fantastic chance to Adopt a Beehive and give a gift that will be enjoyed for a whole year. ”

Adopt a Beehive can be purchased online HERE

What are your thoughts about the Adopt a Beehive campaign? Let us know below…

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