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Ten mummy bloggers … and what they talk about…

Mummy blogging has taken off in a huge way – if you have kids you are bound to know at least one mum with a mum blog. Here, we outline ten different blogs that are all great in their own individual ways…Ten UK mummy bloggers

Sticky Fingers

Tara Cain is a mum of two living in the West Midlands area. A former features editor she loved her job but when she had her two children, now aged six and nine, she quit. She is a now a home mum and runs her own professional blogger and social media consultancy.

She says: “Talking mumbo jumbo since 2002” I. Could. Not. Be. Happier.

Claims to fame: Cision Number 1 Mummy Blogger; Power tweeter, ‘celebrity’ judge in 2012 Tesco Mum of the Year awards.
From the blog: When she comes back she wants to be a killer whale. Or a dolphin. DVD review.
Twitter: Over 5000 followers, over 45,000 tweets.

Red Ted Art

Maggy Woodley describes herself as half Austrian, half Spanish, living in the UK and married to ‘The Englishman’. She has one son known as Red Ted and a daughter called Pip Squeak.

She says: The blog was originally set up to help me promote my Artwork for children, but has since then become much much more.

Claims to fame: Top blogger on Tots100 UK parent blogs.
From the blog: Easter crafts and Ideas to inspire you, How to make a doll’s bed.
Twitter: Over 5000 followers and 63,000 tweets.

A Mother’s Ramblings

PippaD refers to herself as Mummy and her husband as Daddy with children Top Ender, her daughter, 8, and son Big Boy, 3. PippaD describes herself as cook, cleaner, gardener, and boss of the household.

She says: “A mother’s ramblings is the true story of an ordinary family that like to have fun. They don’t mean to be funny, but quite often they find themselves having conversations that you have to laugh at or in situations that wouldn’t be out of place in a British sitcom.”

Claim to fame: overall best mummy blog in the 2011 awards
From the blog: Review of a craft kit, What to put in lunch boxes and the best way to keep food hot.
Twitter: Over 4500 followers and over 50,000 tweets.

The Imagination Tree

Anna Ranson is a UK primary school teacher with a specialism in early years education and art. She is now at home full time looking after her two daughters and expecting a third baby.

She says: “I started this site as a way to channel some of my frustrated creativity and to satisfy my twitchiness to get back to teaching.”

Claim to fame: Winner UK Parent Blog of the Year 1011 MADS Blog awards
From the blog: Making a water bead seaside sensory tub.
Twitter: Over 1500 followers and 4500 tweets.

Who’s the Mummy

Sally Whittle is a freelance blogger, professional writer, editor and speaker who has a daughter, Flea, six.

She says: “Who’s the Mummy is the true story of me (Sally) and my fantastic daughter, Flea.

Claims to fame: Founder of MAD Blog Awards, the Tots100 index of parent blogs and BlogCamp, a workshop for bloggers. Ranked number one by Cision in 2010.
From the blog: Ten things to do in New York when you’re six.
Twitter: Over 6500 followers, 27,000 tweets.

A Modern Mother

In 1997 Susanna Scott was rising up the corporate ladder enjoying life as a dot com marketeer. Today, married with three daughters, she describes herself as ‘off the corporate ladder’ with a life full of nappies, fish finger and endless loads of laundry.

She says: “I had three children in less than three years. Starting a blog was cheaper than therapy, so I created A Modern Mother.”

Claim to Fame: Founder of BritMums Social network and CyberMummy blogging conference. Official toyologist for a well known brand, testing toys before they come onto the market.
From the blog: My phone made it to Hong Kong (recycling an old mobile); how to make snow icecream
Twitter: Over 6500 followers and over 9000 tweets.

And 1 More Means Four

Amy Sheridan, 25, from Manchester, is a married and mum to four girls and a boy.
She says: “One day I’d love to write a book and retire to Paris, but until then I will continue along the rollercoaster ride of being a young mummy.”

Claim to fame: Appearing in The Sun about a feature on Mummy Bloggers.
From the blog: Giving you the finger – Don’t play with the doors!”, Tools, plumbing and a U bend.
Twitter: Almost 3000 followers, over 62,000 tweets.

Are we nearly there yet mummy?

Laura Driver is married to a graphic designer and has three children aged five, seven and 16. The blog charts her journey through motherhood, the longest journey she has ever taken.

She says: “I’m trying not to lose my marbles. I am aware I have already mislaid some of them…”

Claim to fame: Number one for search term ‘mummy blog’ on Google.
From the blog: ‘Half term is upon us’ There are many reviews of books, films, toys and trips.
Twitter: Over 2500 followers, over 39,000 tweets.


Lisa Pearson’s blog tackles the regular challenges of her family – curly headed Boy, Little Dimples daughter and Hairy Northern husband.
She says: “Using stories about my life intermixed with hints and tips, my aim is to reach more mums than I can 1to1 and help them enjoy being a mum.”

Claim to fame: Best MAD small business blog
From the blog: Six steps to a Sparkling You and Enjoying being a mum, The top 6 things that make a man unsexy.
Twitter: Over 4000 followers and over 9000 tweets.

Tied with a Bouw

Sonja Bouw lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and began blogging in 2009 when researching and planning her wedding. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia but recently relocated with her husband to Malaysia for his work.

She says: “Here in my little corner of the blogsphere, I hope to share my home makeover with my fellow bloggers as well as our other adventures as expats… and of course the joys of becoming a mum!”

Claim to fame: Lifestyle – her inspirational life has featured in Australia’s Adore Magazine.
From the blog: AWOL – daughter Allegra and Sonja have had a total of ten flights this month, hence Sonja hasn’t blogged for a few weeks.
Twitter: Unknown.

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Alison Smith-Squire

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13 thoughts to “Ten mummy bloggers … and what they talk about…”

  1. My fledgling mummy blog has just received it’s first Blog Award. (I am stupdily excited bearing in mind that my 55 followers stat on Twitter is somewhat feeble compared to the numbers being quoted above! Though I am new to Twitter – so that’s my excuse!

    I write about my struggle with the paradox of the term ‘yummy mummy’. How on earth can we be ‘yummy’ when we’ve recently become a ‘mummy’? My blog attempts to answer this question, throwing in plenty of parenting advice, tips and hints mixed with beauty tips and short cuts.

    My lovely husband and I are parents to two girls (three and six years old), and I juggle writing the blog with mumsduties, mumschores, mumshomework, a part-time job as a chartered accountant and a writing habit!

  2. My blog Shambolic Living is only four months old and my figures are tiny in comparison to the blogging gurus above (only 143 Twitter Followers). But slowly and steadily I am building it. I’m not sure I’m a traditional Mummy Blogger as my kids are older 12 and 15, but basically I am a wannabe blogger with an untidy house, imperfect children and no celebrity friends. I’m documenting my frustrated efforts to bring calm and order to the mania of modern day living and throwing in some photos, book reviews and anything else that takes my fancy on a given day. I’m have lots of fun.

  3. I am really proud of my little blog Dinner and A Mommie. I love to cook and love sharing my recipes with my family and friends. I also love sharing stories of my 2 daughters and my niece and nephew whom I also take care of. What better way to do that than with a blog?! Thanks for sharing all of the above blogs…I am finding new favorites to follow.

  4. Hi Alison,

    Wow, thanks so much for the feature! It was a bit of an accident that I stumbled across the link to your page but I am glad I did 🙂

    S x

  5. Just found this page and really enjoyed reading it.
    I’m still a relatively new mummy blogger and I’m still in awe of all the amazing mummy blogs out there.
    If I could even be half as good as them I would be happy

  6. My only wish would be having more time to dedicate to my blog as I just love blogging and read other mommy blogs too!
    Well done to all mommy bloggers!

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