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Our look at the stories dominating the media industries headlines … and today the issues surrounding the arrests of a number of Sun journalists … Round up of stories

PRESS GAZETTE Bereaved say ‘death knocks’ better than social media

“After a tragic death families in Liverpool expect the undertaker, the priest and the Liverpool Echo”… how some bereaved families feel snubbed when no reporter calls.

DAILY MAIL Scotland Yard Stasi and this sinister assault on a free press

“Britain was once a beacon of Press Freedom. We now lag way behind former Soviet bloc states such as Poland, Estonia and Slovakia” … worries days of free speech are over.

THE SPECTATOR Free the Press!

“Maybe the internet will destroy the tabloid press willy-nilly, just as it will destroy the broadsheets in due course … nevertheless I hate to see the red-tops go down without a fight”…

NEW STATESMAN A witch-hunt against the Sun?

“Why those at the tabloid should be more concerned with News International than the Police.”

THE GUARDIAN Journalism we need – and don’t need

“We have yet to learn anything like the full truth about contacts between journalists, private detectives and corrupt public officials, including police and the money that may have changed hands between them over the years.”

DALE & CO Let’s stop the newspaper hysteria

” Do we really want to be in the situation where journalists are arrested for paying public officials for information that proves corruption?”

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