Many people have no idea how much partner earns

Do you know how much your partner earns?

More than 1 in 4 UK consumers is completely in the dark when it comes to details of their loved ones’ financial arrangements and salary earnings, reports a study.Many people have no idea how much partner earns

The money-saving website polled Brits and found that a surprising 27.25 percent of UK consumers do not know any details of their partner’s salary and how much money they take home. Women were revealed to be more secretive about financial information and money, with twice as many women as men likely to have private bank accounts, 8% of women versus 4% of men.

The poll also revealed that women are much more likely to lie about the cost of new outfits – 43% of women admitting as such compared to just 17% of men surveyed. Guilt was listed as the chief reason keeping these details from partners.

Furthermore a whopping 40% of people open partners’ banking and credit card letters, while nearly 10% simply choose not to bother checking bank and credit card statements each month.

Psychologist Dr Penny Goldsbrough says: “There is a classic fear about trusting a partner and this is highlighted in terms of financial situations – it can for example lead people to look at bank accounts and credit card information. There is a lot of fear of the unknown and lack of self esteem involved, and this applies to setting up private bank accounts too.”

Dr Goldsbrough stresses: “We always find that women copy their mother’s behaviour, meaning that if your mother lied about finances and what a new dress cost, you are more likely to as well. People do drag a lot of guilt around with them about spending money on themselves – yet there is also a real desire and need to splash out on something every now and then.” helps Brits to save using money off vouchers for more than 800 of the country’s most famous on and offline retailers. The research analysed British spending habits.

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