Does your partner complain you love your dog more than them?

Do you lavish more attention on your dog than your partner?

If you adore your dog, you are not alone. Over half (56%) of the UK’s dog owners have been accused of spending more time or lavishing more attention on their dogs, than partners. Does your partner complain you love your dog more than them?
According to the recent survey carried out on behalf of, of the 1,068 dog owners questioned, an astonishing 70% are actually planning to spend Valentine’s day doing favourite things with their pets – such as a trip to the beach or long walks in countryside with 18% of pampered pooches even receiving a specially prepared meal on the day.

And that’s not all. 23% of Britain’s dogs will receive special gifts bought especially for them to celebrate Valentine’s Day costing on average £10. Incredibly, a lucky 4% will have gifts worth more than £100 waiting for them to open on the special day.

Denis Kelly, owner of pet fashion retailer said: “We’ve known for years that dog owners really do cherish their pets and these findings show just that. Over 61% of the owners spoken to said the best thing about owning a dog is the unconditional love and so owners might be taking a day out to show just how much their pet means to them but they feel it’s reciprocated day after day by the love and companionship their pets show them.”

Collars and leads are the most favoured present, with pampering sessions as doggy spas and groomers followed by new beds topping the list of most bought presents.

K9 Magazine editor Ryan O’Meara offered his advice, “The fact that over half of all dog owners are prepared to be told they’re ‘spending too much time with the dog’ on Valentine’s day shows just what our pets mean to us. This may be a special day when we make an extra special effort to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us and this research shows that pets aren’t excluded from our thinking. And as a fully fledged member of the family – why not!”

Do you have a pampered pet – cat or dog? Perhaps your partner claims you love your dog more than you love him or her? If this sounds like you contact us here: Valentines Pet Story.

Meanwhile, let us know how you will spend Valentine’s Day below…

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