Sisters might fight if they have to share a bedroom...

Are you one of the ‘squeezed middle Britons’..?

Anyone who’s ever had to share a room with a sibling can remember those times when you hated it – perhaps you drew a line down the middle of the room and forbade your sibling to cross it… So its not surprising when we become parents we often want our children to have their own rooms – especially as they grow older.
But, if you feel your home is too cramped then you are not alone… Sisters might fight if they have to share a bedroom...according to a recent survey almost a quarter of children living in British homes are forced to share a bedroom. And this rises to 38% for younger families and to 35% for those living in London.

According to new figures from property website, 29% of parents think their current home is too small to accommodate the size of their family, rising to 40% for younger families where parents are aged 18 – 34.

The website has released these findings – based on a survey of 2003 families – to coincide with the launch of its new TV advertisements, the first of which uses a rapping dad-to-be to highlight the issue of household overcrowding for expectant parents. To find out more and to watch the first two ads go to

The study also suggests that just under a million people in the UK are expecting to become a parent within the next few months, and roughly 14% of these are still living in homes that are too small to accommodate their new arrival.

Samantha Baden, property analyst at commented: “With the average cost of a three bedroom home in the UK now in the region of £193,000, affordability remains a key issue for families. Very few families can afford to buy or rent a property that meets their exact size and location requirements, and as a result, they are often forced to compromise on one or the other.

“These findings reinforce the importance of investing quality time in the search for a home that meets the needs of the family both now and in the future.”

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