Reginald Warton and his sons

Boots Shop Have-a-Go Hero sued …

Have-ago-hero Reginald Wharton’s story appears in the DAILY MAIL. Have a go hero sued, Daily MailWhen dad of two Reggie Wharton went to the rescue of a security guard as he shopped in Boots, never did he imagine the legal nightmare that would ensue.

The security guard had stopped a suspected shoplifter – a former heroin addict with two knives tucked into his wristband – and when he became aggressive and a second man appeared to join in, Reggie stepped in.

He asked the man he feared to be an accomplice to calm down before wrestling him to the ground.
Police rushed to help and arrested both men. Meanwhile the store manager of the store in Torquay thanked Reggie for his bravery.

The suspected shoplifter was not charged with shoplifting but did plead guilty to possessing two knives. Meanwhile, although the second man was taken to the Police station he was not charged. Reginald Warton and his sons

And that, Reggie believed, was the end of it. But more than a year later – the incident happened in November 2010 – Reggie has received a nasty shock.

He has received a letter from personal injury lawyers Almy & Thomas saying that under a no-win, no-fee agreement they represent the second man, who they claim is totally innocent, and he is to sue Reggie for an alleged injury to his elbow.

He is also suing Boots and the security guard for trespass to a person and unlawful imprisonment.

Reggie, a painter and decorator, was due to marry his fiancee next year. But the couple are now so worried they might have to pay out thousands of pounds they have postponed their wedding.

Reggie came to us last week shortly after receiving this letter because he feels aggrieved that having bravely stepped in, he now faces this legal nightmare.

“If I hadn’t stepped in someone could have been stabbed,” he says, “I can’t believe the justice system in our country allows for anyone to be sued like this.”

We placed Reggie’s story in the DAILY MAIL newspaper and will be continuing to follow it to see what happens.

It’s worth noting that Reggie has not asked for money and nor has he been paid for this story. He said: “It’s not about money. It is terrible to have this legal nightmare hanging over me. And I wanted to expose it as I feel is terribly unjust.”

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