More people looking for an affair?

An online cheating website, which has recently launched a mobile phone platform has seen a 100% hike since its launch one week ago.

The news follows revelations this week from another dating site which also reported a surge of activity – blaming the toll of Christmas for the fact their website saw double the amount of traffic to its website.

They claimed this week that January 4th was the worse day of the year for infidelity.

Now Marital Affair, which has a following of nearly 500,000 members in the UK has released its mobile platform for all existing and new users – and is reporting a similar story.

The mobile platform is designed for a quick, easy, on the go access for those seeking discrete, exciting encounters meaning no longer is it necessary to use the computer at home or work.

Simple but effective features such as member search, mail, favorites and member images make it easy for you to source and contact potential secret companions whilst on the move.

Paul Graham, the founder of Marital Affair comments, “This is what the customers of Marital Affair and those who seek a discrete relationship want. With our no fuss, brand new mobile platform, they can use our service when and where they like. Whether your waiting for a train, out on the town, or waiting in a queue at the supermarket, you can log in, read your messages, make arrangements to meet up with someone new, or just browse though some of the 500,000 people that use us.”

Paul further adds, “This is not just about convenience, but it also adds to an individual’s ability to keep their movements with us private. No longer are you required to use the PC at home or the office, all communication can be made through your hand held device”

Mobile phone dating has grown dramatically over the last 2 years. Reported mobile dating queries from Google are up 123% year on year.

Adult Dating site, Marital Affair is the UK’s leading extramarital and infidelity service founded in 2006 which is now available through desktop and mobile.


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