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Will the world end in 2012? An astrologer predicts…

In a new book, out on January the 5th, leading astrologer Jonathan Cainer – who appeared on Jools Holland’s Hogmannay – takes a detailed look at every supposed threat to the future and predicts what is actually in store for 2012. Astrologer Jonathan Cainer predicts 2012

2012 is billed by some as the year that the world will end or at the very least fall apart.

Fuelled by internet conspiracy theories and the real threat of economic meltdown, doomsayers are having a field day.

Daily Mail astrologer Jonathan reveals how a rare solar maximum – the Sun firing off flares – threatens electrical supplies and communication systems.

Meanwhile, as a result of a rare planetary alignment there is a risk of:

* dramatic weather changes and increased “seismic activity” with earthquakes, tornadoes, drought.

* An even more dramatic time economically – with the financial system having to “adapt and evolve at a rate much faster than many people feel comfortable with.”

*increased natural disasters over the next two years.

*And unexpected outcomes to the elections in France, Russia and the USA

But perhaps the most worrying fact is that in in 2012 a solar maximum is overdue. This rare occurrence – which happens every 11 years – is when the Sun ejects flares (gigantic blasts of light, gas and radiation) which threatens to destroy the communications system and shut off Earth’s electricity.

Even Jonathan admits: “We may have surprising power outages and communication problems with disruption to international travel.”

In his book, he also examines the theory that Earth is under threat from – Planet X, Nibiru or a Brown Dwarf star – an invisible giant cosmic force about to exert humongous gravitational pull on the planet.

But even though the ancient South American Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on December the 21st, Jonathan says: “In my own astrological judgement, 2012 is going to be a surprisingly good year. Ultimately it’s all going to be ok.”

According to his January Monthly forecast on his website, Solar flares will not render us extinct, strange brown dwarf stars won’t end up tilting the earth on it’s orbit – and most importantly perhaps he predicts the dreaded recession will slowly loosen its grip as the year goes by. Added to this June 2012 brings the most ‘auspicious astrological alignment for over 100 years’ bringing joy into many peoples’ lives.

His summary of 2012 is that, though it remains a worrying time, as long as the challenges everyone faces are handled correctly, it can yet be a surprisingly good year.

Meanwhile, in his new book ‘The 2012 Survival Guide’ Jonathan also reveals how zodiac signs will fare in the coming year. The main horoscope questions answered are:

Is it true that anyone born under Aries can expect to get what they’ve been wanting for years now?

Are Taureans really due to become wealthier than they’ve ever been before?

Will Geminis really find their love lives become totally delightful?

What is it that Cancerians need to be finally free from and is that actually going to happen?

If Leos are going to become so popular and sought after in 2012, will this mean their lives change beyond recognition?

Why is there so much hard work for Virgos to do this year… and will it bring them the success they crave?

How can Librans expect to keep their daily lives normal when so much is changing in their world?

What is the great secret that Scorpios will have to keep… and what is the amazing discovery they are going to make?

Who is the mystery person that will transform the life of each Sagittarians and how will that relationship affect their future?

When can Capricorns stop making quite so many sacrifices and will there ever be a reward for all they’ve been putting up with?

Have Aquarians got to keep putting so much at risk this year? And will their great emotional gamble pay off?

What will happen to Pisceans to help them feel as if they are finally in the right place, for the right reason?

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  1. Very interesting article… I read a lot about this kind of thing last year. Not sure if the world is going to end, but supposedly we are overdue a great natural disaster so you never know!

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