Son Dwain is 34 stones.

Is it my fault my son’s fat?

Mum Carolynne Smith appeared with son Dwain in an emotional story in CLOSER magazine and on ITV THIS MORNING. Dwain weighs 34 stonesDwain, 20, weighs 34 stones and earlier this year was told by doctors that if he didn’t lose weight fast he could be dead within two years.
So he was delighted when his consultant booked him in for a gastric bypass operation. But with weeks to go before he underwent the surgery, he received a devastating letter from the hospital. It said that due to a lack of funding all gastric weightloss surgery in his area has been put cancelled. It meant Dwain couldn’t have the surgery after all.
Dwain’s story appeared in his local paper and local BBC TV station – and he hoped from that it might be picked up by the national press and someone might come forward with a solution. But sadly it wasn’t – and that was when Dwain contacted me via this contact form.
Having spoken with Dwain and his mum, we approached Closer mag who agreed to run his story. In the story in Closer, which goes over two pages, Carolynne tells how as a mum she can’t help feeling Dwain’s weight is down to her and the fact that when he was a child his diet wasn’t as healthy as it could have been.
At the same time, even when she tried to stop Dwain eating so much, he would sneak food – even creeping downstairs at night to raid the kitchen cupboards.

Dwain and his family are now trying to raise enough cash to have the operation privately by holding a series of fund raising events.

Meanwhile, we are delighted to announce we have secured Dwain a further deal with ITV’s This Morning. ITV This Morning slimmers In a series of scheduled appearances for the programme, Dwain (see left being weighed on the show) appeared on the show as one of the people This Morning will be helping to lose weight. Fatima Whitbread will be helping Dwain lose weight. We are proud to say that Dwain – in preparation for his TV debut – has already lost some weight and when he was weighed was down to just over 32 stones. And we will be bringing you updates over the next few weeks about how Dwain is getting on…

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