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I gave birth to twins on Christmas Day!

Andrea Goodrich’s delightful story makes the front cover of the Christmas issue of WOMAN’S OWN MAGAZINE. Mum gives birth to twins on Christmas day
Last Christmas Andrea Goodrich woke up at 2am to find herself in labour. Luckily she was super organised and had already bought and wrapped all the presents for her older children, Luca and India, because by 6am she’d given birth to twin daughters Nico and Kiki.
And their birth was extra special. For at her 20 week scan, Andrea was told there was a problem with smaller twin Kiki. Sadly by 22 weeks doctors had told Andrea and husband Paul to expect the worse as her waters were breaking and they expected she would lose both twins.
But the pregnancy continued, incredibly because Nico moved underneath Kiki. She acted like a cushion and also a plug preventing Kiki and herself from being miscarried.
This meant the pregnancy went past the all important 24 week milestone when babies born then have a good chance of survival. Amazingly, Andrea was 30 weeks pregnant when on Christmas Day of all days she went into labour.
Six weeks later – after spending some time in special care – Nico came home followed shortly by Kiki.
The pair are now a delightful bundle of mischief for Andrea, who dressed them up in the most gorgeous little Christmas outfits for their special photo shoot for Woman’s Own.

Andrea told her story to raise awareness for the children’s charity Sparks. For more information go to www.sparks.org.uk and to sponsor Andrea, who is running the 2012 London Marathon in aid of the charity, go to www.justgiving.com/andrea-goodrich

We also placed Andrea’s story in the DAILY MAIL where it made the top page 3 spot that day: Read Andrea’s story in the Mail.

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