Kerry McDougall has second baby boy

Christmas joy as ‘too dumb’ Kerry has second baby…

Kerry and Mark McDougall’s uplifting Christmas story appears in the SUNDAY MIRROR and DAILY MAIL. Kerry 'too dumb to be a mum' has second baby
Just over two years ago Kerry and Mark had their wedding halted after social services deemed Kerry was too dim to marry. The couple, who were expecting their first baby, then fled to Ireland as they were worried they’d lose him for the same reason.
Horrifyingly, when Ben was just three days old, he was taken into care by social workers. But after a ten month investigation, Irish social workers allowed the couple to bring Ben home for good.
The couple have since gone on to marry – the ban against their wedding couldn’t be upheld in Ireland – and four weeks ago, Kerry gave birth to a second little boy, Lochlan.
As friends and family of the couple know, they are devoted parents and all of us are treated to regular updates on the family’s progress via Facebook. There is always a new photo or update from them about their visit to the nearby beach or recently, putting up their Christmas decorations.
Mark now runs and edits his own celebrity and showbiz mag and Kerry has immersed herself in caring for their two angelic little sons.
Sadly the couple don’t dare come back to the UK. They miss friends and family but feel it would be too much of a risk to go back to Dunfermiline, Fife as ultimately their sons could be taken into care.
Fortunately, they adore Ireland and live in picturesque Waterford, near to the beach where they regularly take the kids (in all weathers! but then children don’t seem to feel the cold as adults do!)
I am regularly in touch with Mark and Kerry. From the moment they emailed me in 2009 to say their wedding had been cancelled by social services, I have helped fight all the way for justice. I even have a page devoted to them on Featureworld: Mark and Kerry’s page

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