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Doctors told me my baby was dead – Story in the Sun

Rebecca Adams’ story about how she was told her baby was dead and almost died herself, appeared in THE SUN. Story about pre-eclampsia in The Sun

When pregnant Rebecca Adams collapsed, a paramedic called by her family simply diagnosed her with low blood sugar and prescribed a Mars bar. But in fact Rebecca had pre-eclampsia, a potentially deadly condition that affects 30,000 mums to be a year.
Rebecca appeared in a Health report in The Sun this week to highlight a new study, which shows nine in ten mums to be who died from this condition, suffer from sub-standard care.
One of the problems highlighted in the study is that as with Rebecca, medical professionals often miss the signs of this condition.
In Rebecca’s case the paramedic had already left when she had a fit. She was just over 34 weeks pregnant and the paradmedic said she should just be checked by her midwife the next day. Thankfully, after being told another ambulance would take an hour to arrive, her family drove her to hospital.
There Rebecca, who at the time also lost her sight (another terrifying symptom of advanced pre-eclampsia), was told her baby son had died and her body was shutting down. Only a ceasarean could save her life.
Luckily – and against all the odds – Bailey was born alive and well. After four days Rebecca’s sight returned and after a week in intensive care she came home. Mum and baby are now doing well, although she still suffers headaches and memory problems.
Rebecca also feels that her condition should have been picked up earlier. She had suddenly put on a lot of weight – another sign that had gone unnoticed by her midwife at a check just a fortnight before. And her ankles were swollen – another give-away. She is also angry the paramedic misdiagnosed her – had she waited for another ambulance, she and Bailey might not be here today – and therefore welcomed The Sun’s article to raise awareness.

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