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I only eat Fruit – interviewee in The Sun – see her video

Featureworld interviewee Star Khechara appears in THE SUN today talking about how she only eats fruit. Star Khechara

Incredibly Star eats at least 70 oranges, 60 bananas and 70 pears a week. But since sticking to her raw food diet, Star, 35, who used to be a vegan and has just eaten fruit for over a year, feels better than ever – and also believes it is keeping her young.

The holistic therapist who runs her own nutrition website, says she spends £80 a week on organic produce. She starts the day with a massive smoothie made from ten oranges and two managoes. Another favourite breakfast is a ‘bubblegum’ smoothie – named because of its amazing colours – made from six bananas, raspberries, honey mango and water.

Lunch is ten pears or eight bananas and a handful of dates. To ensure a balance Star does throw in lettuce, celery and spinach for a dinner of salad. Throughout the day she also snacks on grapes, apples and includes a brazil nut for essential minerals.

Incredibly, Star says she never feels hungry on her diet and in fact it totals at around 2500 calories a day (the recommended amount for a woman is 2000).

Sun nutritionist Amanda Ursell cautions Star’s diet might lack some protein, iron and B12. She says, “Fruitarianism isn’t a healthy way to eat for the long term and could lead to serious health problems.”

But Star says as fruit does contain protein, albeit in smaller amounts, she does get the amounts she needs and her diet is balanced. She adds it is also a diet for the lazy. “It involves no cooking. All you do is buy the fruit and eat it,” she says.

You can see Star preparing her meals of fruit in her kitchen on the video below:

Star: video portrait 13 from Jojo on Vimeo.

Visit Star’s website to find out more about being a fruitarian and to see some recipes: The Facelift Diet.

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