Teenagers aren't so bad

Teens praised for being polite…

Teens often receive bad press… Recent scandals across the UK have left teens with a bad reputation, when contrary to a new survey it appears to be just a few letting the side down…

Teenagers aren't so bad

Research from Mobiroo – the first ever app gift card for Android, BlackBerry, Smartphone and tablet users – has found that teenagers aren’t all bad.

In a survey of 1000 11-18 year olds 83% are too polite to ask for a receipt for an unwanted Christmas gift – meaning that only 1 in 5 teens are comfortable asking for a receipt. This usually results in the present being discarded, passed on to another family member or given to a charity.

Also, such is teens’ unwillingness to offend, 79% of those surveyed said they would rather lie about liking a present than ask to return it.

The survey found that the letter to Santa is long gone with only 17% of 11-18 year olds writing the annual note, with 81% preferring to just tell their parents exactly what they would like for Christmas.

And when asked specifically what they’re looking for this Christmas, 61% of those surveyed, have asked for a mobile phone or mobile accessories, which perhaps adds to the tech-savvy stereotype of the modern day teenager.

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