Giving your child the perfect Christmas

How much will you be spending on your child’s Christmas presents?

A senior government adviser recently urged parents to spend less on presents for their children this year. Giving your child the perfect Christmas Reg Bailey, David Cameron’s childhood Tsar cutting back would help families cope in the recession and children would benefit in the long run if they had few toys.
But whether or not parents will heed this advice, who knows – it seems not. Another report found items in the Toy Retailer’s Association’s top 12 Christmas toys had become so sought after that desperate parents were paying ten times the price for some on Ebay.
Top products include the Moshling Tree House (a plastic house with monsters inside) – the recommended price is £18.99 being sold for £198.98 and Fireman Sam Pontypandy Rescue Set – this retails at £29.99 but is on some Ebay sites for £59.99. Meanwhile, Sylvanian Families – a John Lewis best seller – that usually goes for £79.95 is on for £192.29.
The reason for the price increase is that many High St stores have sold out – or have very low stocks. And it would also sadly appear some traders have bought out the most popular toys in bulk, which has hiked the prices up.
So how much are you forking out for your child – find out if your spend per child is below or above others in our exclusive poll…

Meanwhile, if you are buying something amazing for your child – or are happily spending a fortune – let us know here: Possible story for a newspaper or magazine.

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