X Factor

Who do you want to win X Factor?

STOP PRESS: Well done Little Mix!
Our Poll Results: Little Mix: 70.91%; Marcus: 29.09%

The X Factor Final 2011 is of course tonight at 7.30pm. X FactorAnd currently the bookies believe this is set to be the closest final ever. Girl band Little Mix have been the bookie’s favourites over Marcus. But now Amelia Lily is out, will those fans who were voting for her vote for Little Mix or Marcus?
But as everyone knows, there have been plenty of last-minute shocks in the past so it really is anyone’s guess who will win.
However, you can get an idea of who The Magazine visitors think will be crowned X Factor winner 2011 by taking part in our exclusive X FACTOR POLL … simply vote for your favourite act below.

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