IN THE NEWS: Could you become a titled Lord or Lady?

If you’re looking for an unusual present for your partner, why not consider making him a Lord or her a Lady?Buy a Lord or Lady title
Titles such as Royal Lordship/Ladyship of Newcastle, Lordship of Holme and Lordship of Clumber are about to go up for grabs at auction. The reserve price on Royal Lordship/Ladyship of Whittlesey and Royal Lordship/Ladyship of Liscool is £8000.

According to website, who are selling the titles, buying one will gain you the following advantages:

* Social Status: The site claims Titled people experience a higher status of respectability and a higher class of standing in the community. Lords and Ladies also get invited to more social events.

* Is good for business. They say having a Title opens the doors of opportunity – and everyone ‘loves to name drop’ and say they personally know of Lord and Lady.

* Financial Advantage. A Lord and Lady will obtain better credit, they say, as Lords and Ladies are seen as low risk being unlikely to default on loans due to the jeopardy of their reputation.

* Service. At hotels and restaurants saying you are a Lord or a Lady will bring a noticeable degree of extra respect. They claim: “It’s like being part of the aristocracy or a celebrity. Our clients tell us of upgrades on airlines and larger suites in Hotels just because of their new Title.”

* Standard of Living. Adds “A Title is the ultimate status symbol. It says you are V.I.P – it says CLASS.”

If you think this might be for your or your spouse, you will need to lodge a £500 deposit to register for the auction (refundable if unsuccessful) and a further £500 to take part in bidding (again refundable if unsuccessful). Then if you are successful a 15% deposit is payable on the day for your Title with the balance due 14 days later. Fees cost £15 buyer’s premium chargeable on the day and legal fees are charged at £250 per title transfer.

They can be passed down to your children and used on your Passport, driving licence and bank account.

To view all titles and for further info go to

Have you bought a Title? Do you think it’s a good idea or not? Do let us know your thoughts below…

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