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Meet five young entrepreneurs…

With more than one million young people currently out of work, undoubtedly it is harder than ever to make a living. But, as the Sunday Times reports, it is possible. And in a fascinating feature, they tell of five young entrepreneurs who’ve taken success into their own hands…

Jules Quinn – founder of TeaShed

Young Entrepreneur
A TeaShed Design

After completing a four year fashion degree at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Jules, 23, faced a dilemma. Apart from the fact there were few jobs available, if she wanted them she would need to move to London and this was something she didn’t want to do. So having left uni in May 2010, and from her parent’s home, she launched The TeaShed, selling silky nylon tea bags from Sri Lanka filled with exotic leaves. She also designs and sells ceramics, tea towels and cushions. And business is so brisk she expects to turn a £50,000 profit this year and is set to move into her own premises in Newcastle’s Waterfront in the New Year.

Zoe Jackson – Living the Dream

Zoe, 22, from Hertfordshire, was just 16 when she launched performing arts company Living the Dream. Five years later it teaches dance in 20 locations around the country – which provides work for dozens of dance teachers. Zoe told the Sunday Times: “People at school just don’t get a advice on networking, marketing and producing a CV – but if you are narrowed down just to pass exams and do the same as everyone else is doing, it can all stifle your creativity.”

Edwin Broni-Mensah – GiveMeTap

Edwin, 26, is a computer science and maths graduate who started his own business selling refillable water bottles. He found help via Virgin Media Pioneers, a group that provides advice from experts and helps young entrepreneurs share their ideas.

Abdul Khan – RatethatCurry

When Abdul, 25, was made redundant from an advertising agency, he decided to start up his own business. His website allows diners to recommend Indian, Chinese and other ethnic restaurants. His long-term plan is to allow people to order meals and make bookings via the site.

Jessica Annuna – founder of fashion website Annunarose

Jessica, 20, has already gained publicity in The Sun, The Voice, and on the BBC for her online fashion magazine for the younger generation. Her site offers access and interviews with designers, stylists and celebrities – and in fact she has already attracted readers with her interviews with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and JLS.

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