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Could you change your career in your 50s or 60s? Career change in middle age

A change of career could become a more possible option for people in their fifties and sixties now that the official retirement age has now been legally removed, according to London based trading and brokerage house, Schneider Trading Associates (STA).

STA already offers an alternative avenue for people of any age who are looking for an exciting career change through their Professional Trader Programme (PTP). However, since it was announced at the beginning of October that employers cannot compulsorily retire workers at 65, Schneider believes more people will consider adopting a different career later in life.

With age discrimination a continuing problem, the new legislation comes as a welcoming step towards further equality in the UK job market. The recession has hit the UK economy extraordinarily hard and many people have recently faced redundancy; men and women of a certain age have found it difficult to get back into a job they are qualified for. Now a new career has the potential to be more long-lasting for the candidate, whilst employers do not need to face uneasiness about a retiring workforce, the option is more viable.

Become a Trader

STA’s four week Professional Trader Programme for people who want to kick start their career in trading has no age barrier and no previous experience or qualifications are required. There is no charge for the PTP and if assessments are successfully completed, candidates will be offered a self-employed position and place on STAs three year training and mentorship scheme.

Matt Silvester, head of training at STA, said: “The removal of a compulsory retirement age will be welcome news for huge numbers of people, especially those who are faced with changing careers. I have been training traders of all ages and from all backgrounds for 5 years at Schneider and in my experience what makes a successful trader is aptitude for the role and the right attitude, and I believe this to be true of any number of jobs.

“Although we receive large numbers of applicants from recent university leavers, the PTP is not just a typical graduate training scheme, it is an opportunity for anyone to explore a new career, as long as they’re up to the challenge. If the candidate successfully completes the assessments during the four week programme, which is completely free of charge, they will then progress onto the three year training and mentorship scheme and be offered a self-employed position with STA.”

To find out more about Schneider Trading Associates’ Professional Trader Programme (PTP), which is also referred to as a professional graduate training course, visit or search @schneidertrader on Twitter and Schneider Trading on Facebook.

Have you radically changed your career or your lifestyle in your 40s, 50s or 60s – or even when you’re older? I believe it’s never too late to do something different and would love to hear your story. Tell my Story Or leave me your story in the comments below.

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